Deploy fonts using SCCM (or any other method using an MSI)

Deploying fonts, can be a bit of a pain as you have the font files and the two registry settings per font to apply. Well thanks to a little installer creation software this task has become a lot easier. Now I’m sure you can use any installer software available i.e. Installsheild, etc… but for the sake of your smaller company or non-profit location, I would recommend looking at the freeware, wItem Installer (previously known as Installer2Go).

So how does it make deploying fonts easy? Well its too easy really to tell you! All you have to do is setup a new project, fill in the title, name, version, description, etc… then just go to the files area and drag and drop all the fonts into the fonts folder. Next build the MSI and your ready to go. You can use this MSI now to deploy via SCCM, GPO, etc…

Remember to use the /qb! switch or you’ll end up displaying an advert for wItem Installer to your users.

If you find the product fulfils your requirements, please look at purchasing as its only $49 for a single user license and this will remove the advertising, nag screens, and give you a support package*.

*Third party app, so pricing and details may change

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